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A Blooming Hill Vineyard … Our Inspiration

Some days, standing at a particular spot in the vineyard where the light spills across the slope of Blooming Hill, it is possible to believe the world has just begun and life is full of promise. The soft sound of a breeze rustling the vines, the warm touch of sun on emerging fruit, sky as far off as anyone can see beyond the hills reminds us that there may be nothing quite so wonderful as the simple pleasures given us by nature. At A Blooming Hill Vineyard, we revel in the gift of working the land every day and that we are rewarded with its simple and elegant bounty.

This is our gift to you in every bottle of A Blooming Hill Vineyard wines.

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NEWS! OUR 2011 PINOT NOIR JUST WON ANOTHER GOLD! This one from the Northwest Food and Wine Festival. So exciting! That is a nice companion to the Double Gold from the Oregon Wine Awards.

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A Story of Our Winery

A Blooming Hill Vineyard

5195 SW Hergert Rd.
Cornelius OR 97113

Open Weekends Noon to 5 PM

Google us…there's a map.


We are located outside the small towns of Cornelius and Forest Grove, Oregon. If you decide to get directions from the web, we've discovered that most of the sites include a road that is closed: LaFollette Road. Just stay on 10th Avenue to Blooming Fern Hill Road and turn right. Stay on that to the flashing yellow light and turn left onto Hergert Road. A Blooming Hill Vineyard is the first driveway on the right. There's a big sign.

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We do live in Oregon where rain is a factor….In case the route to A Blooming Hill from Highway 47 is closed at Fern Hill, just stay on Hway 47 to Route 8, which is the next major intersection.  Turn right.  You will go into Cornelius and begin to see Blue Signs to A Blooming Hill.  Just follow the signs….for sticklers, turn right onto 10th Avenue, turn right onto Blooming Fern Hill Road, turn left at the flashing yellow light and we are the first driveway on the right.

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We now ship to ten locations. Check out the specifics.

Send us your favorite recipe

The one you enjoy with wine and we'll happily test it using our wines. We may ask for your permission to include it in the cookbook we're compiling.

Look! We had Mrs. Oregon 2013 to brunch - here's a great story!

Here's a terrific interview we did in August on the local business show on kuik Hillsboro.


East Coast Foods Brunch.

August in the Vineyard

At the beginning of August we all sit back in our beach chairs and think there is still so much lazing time ahead of us … feel that breeze passing over you, smell that lovely cocoanut suntan lotion … and it’s true it is the laziest month of all.

In the vineyard, the vines know nothing of rest at this time of year and are at work becoming wine.  Jim helps them by hedging and pulling leaves so all the strength goes into ripening those grapes.  We are looking forward to an early harvest, hoping we don’t have the rains of last September!   We definitely have veraison in the vineyard.  Step through the vines this weekend and look for the purple grapes.  It’s been so dry that Jim is thinking of irrigating a bit.  Normally, after the first four years, you don’t irrigate but last year and this year were different weather patterns (in case you hadn’t noticed that you were melting in the Pacific Northwest).  There are water sensors throughout the vineyard and Jim and Tiara have been checking.  Grapes are dry at about 10” and while there is still moisture at about 30”, probably a good idea to let them not gasp.

Here is what is going on at A Blooming Hill Vineyard this month:

  • Friday, August 8th,  we will be in the Tasting Room as usual but also at Unger Farms from 4-9 PM happily pouring our wines in a beautiful setting – music from 5:30 – 8:30 PM.  Drink wine and also buy the best damn strawberries = Albions = you will ever taste.
  • This is the weekend of Canines Uncorked – Saturday, August 9th - and there will be many fetching (in the sense of winsome) dogs to be admired on the patio.  We will be joined by Tari Donahue, who is going to be taking pictures of your pups, and Kellee Beaudry who will be helping them create Paw Print cards they can send out to their adoring public with the photos. 

    Tickets are available at for this event and all proceeds benefit the Oregon Humane Society.  Gemini and Trouble say thank you. Oh, and Cabi – our beautiful youngest horse is home for the summer. She thanks you, too. 
  • We are really excited about Sunday. August 10th, because we have a FANTASTIC music duo playing jazz on the patio.  Honestly, you’ll hear strains of Brubeck and Miles … guitar and sax.  Joe and Jack.  Be here.  2 – 5 PM. 
  • August 17th is our Wine Club Party and you can join now or on that day and still get the package we are putting together.  There is a sign-up form on this website or just call or email.  Or, show up!  It will be great music that day, too…Randy Danielson who is a spirited musician, to say the least.
  • August 23rd means more great jazz with Joe and Jack.
  • August 24th will bring us Artists in the Vineyard.  A group of local artists will set up their easels and also have works for sale.  Buddy Evans, who used to play with Merle Haggard among other greats and is great himself will be the musical accompaniment for the day.
  • August 29th, 30th, 31st is, believe it or not, Labor Day Weekend and a full on party at every vineyard, ours included!

Now, wine stuff.

Did you read Eric Asimov’s August Wine School Zinfandel column?

love hate wine sketch

Yes, it is a love or hate thing.  Here’s what Asimov said at the start of his column summarizing the impressions and insights from his readers:  “In wine as in all fields, people are drawn toward what they like. Personal taste is a rich, compelling and mysterious force, which must always be respected even if it cannot be entirely explained. Its vagaries are displayed prominently in any discussion of zinfandel, a wine that seems to have a powerful polarizing effect.”   Read the entire piece and prepare yourself to learn about Chablis for the next session.   Chablis is Chardonnay from Chablis, France.  Chardonnay is white Burgundy.  Drink them here, too, as they are translated into Pinot Noir, Mingle, Blush and straight-shot Chardonnay.

Drink On!


Big news! Jim's 2011 Pinot Noir took a DOUBLE GOLD in the Oregon Wine Awards. We are so proud.

oregon wine award



three award wines with winemaker

Jim with the winning wines.

Holly and Jim

We got married in 2006 under a beautiful teahouse that Jim built for us. We've known each other for over 40 years … Holly was a not very good secretary to Jim way back in New York in the television production business. Jim was known as "The Myth" for all he was able to accomplish. He ran a scrappy new company that was involved in such notables as Sesame Street and The Electric Company, many of the Central Park Concerts – from Barbra Streisand to George Shearing. Jim was even business manager for KISS! Holly spent her life raising money for good works and writing.

In 2006, after a lot of life had intervened (ask us, we'll tell you), a mutual friend threw his Cupid's darts and urged us to have lunch. We were both living in the Pacific Northwest by then, although 200 miles apart; Holly - a city girl, Jim - a farm boy. Holly drove down to Oregon, had a lovely lunch, drove home and told Jim he was terrific but geographically undesirable.

Jim was persistent….and, suddenly, there we were standing in a beautiful spot in the Willamette Valley getting married! It really is romantic owning a vineyard! Now we are a wedding destination.

award winning wines

Award-winning Wines

The Latest News

The 2012 Pinot Noir has won a Silver medal in the New York International Wine Competition. We are very pleased as we believe this is an excellent wine. Over 1000 wins were tasted and less than 30% won medals. There were fourteen Pinot Noirs that won a Silver (none won Gold) and we were one of four from Oregon.

Our 2011 Pinot Noir has won two wonderful awards – a Double Gold in the Oregon Wine Awards and a Gold in the Northwest Food and Wine Festival!

All Of Our Wines

2012 Chardonnay – Crisp and creamy and yet you can taste the Oregon grape

2012 Pinot Gris – Oregon’s Other Pinot! Ripe pear and melon – our best Gris yet! – Bronze Medal

2012 Pinot Noir – Bold, rich raspberry, tobacco. Very smooth

2011 Pinot Noir – So smooth. Fruit forward and a very long finish.  This is our newest STAR with a Gold and a Double Gold!

2011 Pinot Gris –a fruity wine with delicate tastes of bright sunshine and citrus, luscious pear and with a long, licorice-stick finish.  Serve this versatile wine with salads, fish, chicken.  Great with hors d’oeuvres. – Silver Medal

2011 Riesling –Gold leaf and quartz help to define the minerality in this sweet-earth luscious and dry wine.  Silver Medal

2010 Pinot Noir – The taste of strawberries in chocolate with a smooth, smooth finish.  This is a wine to enjoy now and well into the future.  Here’s what Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar says:  “Bright ruby-red. Spice-accented blackberry, cherry, anise and lavender on the nose. Sweet and plump, with jicy cherry and dark berry flavors lifted by tangy acidity. Finishes on a lively, refreshingly bitter berry skin note, with supple tannins coming on late.”  Three Silver Medals

2009 Pinot Noir –Each year produces a different Pinot. 2009 was a wonderful year of abundant bunches of plump, sweet fruit.  The wine echoes this with a mild cherry/raspberry taste that is smooth to the palate and complements all foods and occasions.  Bronze Medal.

2008 Pinot Noir Reserve – Our first star! This vintage was spectacular all across the Willamette Valley and ours is right up there in the firmament having won four awards. This wonderful 2008 Pinot noir got a really nice review from Burghound, the bible for Burgundy and Pinot noir and 89 points! If you are interested in widening your knowledge of those wines, look at this publication if you don't already: Since only subscribers see the reviews, I am quoting it right here:

"A very pretty nose combines notes of red cherry, raspberry and a hint of cranberry that marry into nicely rich and round middle weight flavors that possess good mid-palate concentration with fine volume on the balanced if mildly somber finish that avoids any hint of austerity. This well-made effort is not especially refined but it offers fine depth."